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What comes in your mind when you think about “Virtual Reality”? Is that the futuristic way to play video games? Or you are thinking about the Sci-fi movie scene with the coolest presentation to defeat the enemies? Have you experienced the virtual reality augmented reality before? Or perhaps you are dreaming about it. You will be glad to know that world of entertainment has taken a step ahead with a futuristic approach. The global entertainment hub Broadway has established a “Virtual Experiences Zone”. They are going to use virtual reality to provide you exceptional experience to meet, greet, and enjoy world-class shows.

Now, you will be able to join your favorite artist, enjoy favorite songs on your special request, questions and answer, and much more from right comfort of your home. You do not have to travel all the way and spend lots of extra to see your favorite shows. Enjoy your favorite event from your home couch. No virus can prohibit you from joining favorite artists, shows, or players.

You meet celebrities such as Serena Williams, WWE Stars, Top singers, Actors, and moreover enjoy world-famous Broadway musicals like Frozen, Aladdin, Hamilton, and much more. You just need to buy Virtual Experiences tickets and you will get package, instructions, lessons and everything else required being part of VR experiences. World-renowned event management is joining this VR movement and the NBA is the most recent one. Just check the list of virtual events, buy the tickets, and rest will be provided to you at doorsteps. This is a very new approach by Virtual Experiences Zone in New York City.

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